Overall Community Attitude:
Keep in mind that GadgetValue is a professional community Our purpose is to share, help and support others Always display a positive, friendly attitude Be respectful of others' opinions Allow your fellow members to voice their opinions DO NOT deliberately start arguments. Debates are great, as long as they remain respectful! Always try to "give" back to our community. For each time you find help or answers here at GadgetValue, try to help someone else out in return. You may find that what goes around comes around... Give people a little time to respond to your requests. There's a lot going on in these forums and it may take a little time for people to notice and respond to your request. Please be patient. DO NOT just make a negative statement and leave the person hanging out to dry. Although you may consider yourself to be an "expert" now, try to remember that we were all new and learning once upon a time. Take it easy on your fellow members! Do NOT make threats or implied threats towards other members -- even if you think it's fun.

Inappropriate Behavior:
DO NOT Make Inappropriate or Offensive Posts - including threats, harrassment, swearing, prejudice, slander or deliberate insults/name-calling, or other negative remarks about GadgetValue, its moderators and administrators, or your fellow members. Even if this is just your own personal opinion, RESPECT YOUR FELLOW MEMBERS Do NOT drag another member's personal site into a forum discussion unless the discussion directly involves that site OR if the member brings his or her own site into the discussion first. There's no point in ruining a good debate by accidentally (or intentionally) offending someone with a personal comment. GadgetValue believes in integrity and respects what other forums have to offer. Because we realize members of GadgetValue may also be members of other forums, do not try to degrade or discredit other forums, their administrators and moderators, or their members. This includes slander and other offensive comments. DO NOT POST PORN or adult content. This also inludes sites promoting activities such as drug abuse, gambling and links to sites containing such content. Non-pornographic adult related material (such as lingerie) is allowed, as long as you provide a warning in your post, such as:

"WARNING: Site contains adult content that may be unsuitable for some individuals."
Even though this is an international forum, please make sure that your posts are written in English. We want GadgetValue to be open to people of all ages, genders, races, and sexualities, so any inappropriate or offensive posts will be deleted Please DO NOT embed cookies in your posts in the GadgetValue forums.

Forum Abuse Policy:
1st Offense - A polite Private Message from a Moderator pointing out the Forum Rules, in addition to the editing or deletion of the post 2nd Offense - Public warning on the message board plus deletion of post 3rd Offense - Moderators will discuss and possibly delete the user from the GadgetValue forum Depending on the situation, Admin may bypass any and all of these steps and take whatever action is deemed appropriate.

Private Message and Email Abuse Policy:
DO NOT use GadgetValue as a basis for spamming or scamming our members. We take PM/email abuse very seriously, and it will result in the immediate removal of your membership and ban of your IP address, without warning

Our SPAM Policy:
Please make sure that you are posting for the good of the community, not just for the sake of self-promotion :) Please refrain from posting affiliate links and press releases in our forums. Surveys are not allowed, unless you have been given permission in advance from a Site Admin Do NOT use the GadgetValue community for the purpose of 'spam' or excessive advertisements! This includes forum posts, private messages, or emails to other GadgetValue members Our moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any posts they consider to be 'spam' If we find that you are spamming our community, you will be warned by a Moderator or Site Admin, and it may lead to the deletion of your posts and/or the removal of your GadgetValue account

Identity Theft:
DO NOT impersonate anyone whom you are not, regardless of who the other individual may be. Identity theft is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Multiple Posts:
DO NOT post the same topic in multiple forums. If you are unsure of which forum a thread should go under, just state that in your post, and a moderator will move the thread to the correct forum. Multiple posts are unnecessary and will be deleted. DO NOT post the same question multiple times in multiple threads in the same forum. If no one responds to your question or request, just post a reply to the same message thread again to bring the message to the top of the list so folks notice it.

By joining GadgetValue forum you agree to abide by the forum rules, and you understand that violations will not be tolerated.

Please report any member whom you feel to be in violation of these rules to a moderator or Site Admin immediately.

Thanks! The GadgetValue Team